The Last House on Mulholland ™
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The Last House on Mulholland is the location for a future {insert brand} inspired home at the HOLLYWOOD sign.
As close as one can get to the global icon; this unbuilt residential lot is already a well established, high-traffic selfie site.

The future {insert brand} home here, will be photographed, shared and seen, more than any other... anywhere.

The {insert brand} House becomes the influencer.


It's a one-of-a-kind, high-exposure platform to communicate with our preexisting global audience.


The sponsor will leverage world-wide interest in this location to broadcast its brand vision.


How can The Last House on Mulholland add value to {insert brand}?


The Last House on Mulholland

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Sample Entries - ArchOutLoud Hollywood Competition

Design & Name

By designing and naming a new house at the base of the Hollywood Sign, our partner brand will capture the existing interest in this highly-visible unbuilt (R1 zoned) lot. And, more than simply becoming part of the Hollywood experience... the brand inspired home will represent it. 

Be front and center here.

Random Hollywood Sign Selfies taken @ LHOM and Posted on Instagram

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In our over-communicated world, brands seek ways to rise above the noise.

What story would your brand tell here?

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Brand Partner

The Last House on Mulholland is seeking a partner to leverage the global visibility of this landmark location by designing and naming a future home, here...directly in front of the HOLLYWOOD sign.  

Incredibly, the unbuilt residential parcel lies exactly between the sign and its selfie takers. There are no other homes or structures; The shared photographs will always have just the same three elements; the sign, its selfie-takers, and the brand inspired home. Thus naturally integrating the brand into the Hollywood sign/Los Angeles/California experience.

It is expected that photographs of the home at this location will be posted and shared more than any other...worldwide.  Making the future home the most recognized family home anywhere.


The juxtapositions of using the physical to engage the digital and the past to engage the future, lays a solid foundation for dynamic multi-layered content. It's an urban-rural interface under a glamorous icon. Indeed, an icon that itself represents the world between real and fictional.

The location ensures continuous, long-term engagement and media value. People are interested in what happens here.

Google counts over a million map views of The Last House on Mulholland per month (as of February 19, 2022).

Inquiries welcome.


9,415 Sq.ft.

1150 ft. above sea level.

South facing.

Level fill over bedrock.

At street.

Acquired in whole.

From The producer's Desk

I'll always remember the first time I visited the site. At the end of Mulholland Highway, and as close to the HOLLYWOOD sign as one can get — it's where the pavement stops and thousands of tourists go to take that quintessential LA selfie. There is absolutely no location with better photographic perspective and proportionality to California's most recognized icon. It's breathtaking.

Currently an unbuilt residential lot, it's surrounded by nature and right in front of a well-known aspirational marquee. It's an unused stage, with an existing worldwide audience — in the middle of Hollywood, and ready for activation.

The sign was originally erected as a billboard advertising a progressive new hillside residential development — HOLLYWOODLAND. This is the final parcel in that long established, subdivided tract. It is fully buildable, and only protected land lies between it and the sign.

Out of my intention to build a home that is a positive addition to LA's already robust architectural legacy, I developed The Last House on Mulholland. Essentially, it's a framework for maximizing the inherent value of the location's unique qualities. The visibility of the site guarantees the house will be the most recognized private residence in the world. In other (perhaps more fitting for Hollywood) words, the future house will be famous. I hope that that will afford a design and build befitting this location.

— Steven Alper